Make Self-Preservation a Priority


Embodied Wellness Mental Health Co-Working Cafe

In a world where Black women often face overwhelming demands and insufficient access to quality care, our mission is to prioritize self-preservation. As Black women continue to thrive and achieve, the necessity for sanctuaries to unwind, pause, and revitalize becomes even more crucial. Track and Feel stands as ...

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Custom Wellness Solutions

Self-Care that Empowers Black Women
Custom and Bulk Track & Feel Diaries
Show your team, guests, clients, or patients you care about their wellness by supporting their growth and their focus on self-care, budgeting, nutrition, goal-setting, free-writing, and tracking their progress along the way. Get in touch with us to …
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Journaling Workshop for the Black Women in Your Life
During a guided workshop, you can learn how to use the Track & Feel Diary and find out more about it. Use all of its features to the best of your ability and get the most out of all of its benefits. These workshops give black women safe places …
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Self-care Support Circle for the Black Women in Your Life
Offer your team, clients, or patients a unique experience where self-awareness meets healing. Inspired by Track and Feel’s first event, “Rooted in Love,” we partnered with other organizations and individuals to bring you a movement practice …
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"Simple, Clean & Excellent! I highly recommend Track & Feel to individuals who want to be more productive and have a better understanding of their emotional state as it relates to having a healthier lifestyle. I like planners but I find that I buy them and never keep up the habit of filling them out everyday. This planner changed all of that. From the very first day I filled it out until now, three weeks later I feel more productive and I'm accomplishing more of my goals simply becouse it encourages me fo sit down at the beginning of my day, start things positive, think about what | want to focus on, and then reflect on things at the end of the day/week. It feels so good to be back on track!"



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