Track & Feel Diary

Track & Feel Diary

Track & Feel Diary

Experience a journal that’s concerned with every aspect of your wellness. The Track & Feel Diary is a life-management tool designed to empower Black women living with bipolar disorder to redefine self-care by providing space to observe emotions and behaviors. It is available in a spiral notebook with a glossy finish and features 24 unique illustrations. Designed and printed in California with a medium 70-pound paper, there is little to no bleed or smudge. Check what the diary can help you do and buy yours.

Inside the diary, you can:

- Brainstorm to give your mind the space to explore ideas and consider all your goals

- Select 2 goals to work on each month, and outline all the steps it takes to achieve them

- Budget to see your money on paper and align your spending with your priorities

- Create a morning and night routine you want to commit to

- Track your food to prioritize meal planning, save money, and prevent decision fatigue

- Encourage yourself with words of prosperity and empowerment with daily affirmations/prayers

- Reflect weekly on your triumphs and challenges, and identify habits that add to your progress


8.5” x 11”

72-pages cover to cover

70 lb white paper

- Cover: Yoga Chic

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