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Our Founder's Journey From Stress to Wellness

Our Founder's Journey From Stress to Wellness

Our founder was the definition of all over the place. She was working two jobs, going to school part-time, training to be a mental health advocate, and operating a business. And to top it off, she was struggling to overcome her own mental health battle: bipolar disorder. She felt overloaded, disorganized, and defeated. She needed a way to track meetings and assignments, monitor her habits, and write goals without losing her mind. She needed a notebook that was concerned with every aspect of her wellness. So, she made one. She's created an experience that engages black women in self-care and day-to-day organization that prepares them to achieve their personal and professional goals. The Track & Feel Diary addresses all areas of your wellness: emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical, so you never have to sacrifice health for productivity again. Be empowered by other ambitious women who achieve self-care and organization through an all-in-one diary and other products for a more pleasant experience.

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